Friday, 11 November 2016

செல்லாக்காசும் மீத்தேன் திட்டமும்: சூழ்ச்சிக்கான விதையா?

ஒவ்வொரு முறையும் பாஜக அரசு தமிழகத்திலுள்ள எதாவதொரு சிக்கலைக் கையாளும்போதுமட்டும் புதியவொரு உத்தியை செயல்படுத்த முயன்று, பிறகு இங்கே நடக்கும் அரசியல் மற்றும் விவசாயிகள் போராட்டங்களைக் கண்டு அஞ்சி பின்வாங்கிவிடும். அல்லது காவிரிப் பிரச்சினையில் செய்தது போல் வாரியம் அமைக்கமுடியாது என்று ஒற்றைக்காலில் நின்றுவிடும்.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

சோழநாடு சோறுடைத்து - ஒரு அனுபவம்

இன்று மதிய உணவுக்காக நகரத்தின் பல உணவகங்களைத் தேடி எந்த உணவக்காரருக்கும் பணத்தாளை நீட்டி சிரமத்தை கொடுக்கக்கூடாதென்ற நோக்கில் இறுதியாக தில்லைநகரில் உள்ள ரசிகாஸ் உணவகத்தை வந்தடைந்தேன். பணத்தாள் இல்லாவிடினும் அங்கே பற்றட்டை (Debit Card) தேய்த்தேனும் கட்டணம் செலுத்தலாம் என்றறிந்தே சென்றேன்.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Kabali - Movie With Multi Layered Script of Family, Gang War, Communalism and Racism

Expectations finally came to an end when the movie starred by the most massive star of the sub-continent released on Friday(July 24, 2016) and fetched an unusual feeling among his fans but has led to resurgence of an actor Tamil cinema lost two decades ago. Thought of penning a viewer's note for #Kabali since left the screen after FDFS as the movie really has revealed several truths among the fans.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Iraivi - Feminism in Fresh Note

Penning a movie review after a very long time, coincidentally it has ended up with an FDFS and thus this could be a review that was not influenced by anybody else's views.

Its been two years since I wrote my last review and I ultimately stopped penning reviews with a doubt whether do I really eligible to review a movie. To put in the words of Oscar Wilde, 'A critic should educate the public'. I was feeling inferior thinking I could not be an educator.

But, after watching Iraivi, my fingers have started itching to write a review about it. The moment I left the theatre, having lunch in between, dropping my friend at his home and coming back home, throughout the way back to my place, the dialogues and frames of the movie was passing through my mind again and again. When, I stepped into my home, the first word from my mom was "Saptiya", which just shook me. This one word is being portrayed in this whole picture.

However, I'm not gonna be an imposing critic, but this piece of writing is just a viewer's note of Iraivi.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Alternate Force In Tamil Nadu - An Overview:

Its a good sign that the PMK has fetched around 5.3% of votes this time and also gave tough fight to some of the winning candidates in constituencies falling in their dominant belt. The party which was quoted as 'Caste based' in rest of Tamil Nadu, has made some attempts to come out of the communal shade and has also witnessed a peck of success from that.

Monday, 11 January 2016

Whether India is a nation?

When someone says India has a National language, we could see people opposing it saying India neither has a National language nor an official language. Let these debates be apart. A 'NATION' has a national language, if and only if it is a 'NATION'. This might sound crazy and you need not read it again.