Saturday, 5 May 2018

Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu: The Crew Actually Needs One (18+)

This review may contain some spoilers, which still is less spoiling than what the crew has done to spoil the movie. Above all, it also may contain 18+ comments. Kids, better stay away!

Making an adult comedy is like walking on a knife edge. When the content lacks in adultness, it fails to justify the genre. But when it is overfed the movie goes totally messy. But, for Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu by Santhosh P Jayakumar, this theory has worked out on both sides, as the movie has witnessed all two extremes.

With a plot that itself is driven on an adult one line, the movie is set up on the land of adulthood Pattaya(For who don't know where it is, the city is located in the holy land of Thailand). Here horror too joins the club with the adult-comedy. But you'll need Google to find an element of horror in the 2 hours of runtime.

Having all those commercial elements like girls in glamorous outfits, body shaming, objectifying women and humiliating LGBT community, IAMK keeps its promise of being an out and out adult comedy that could possibly be enjoyed by men here and a very few women.

The major portion of the movie is set inside a haunted villa, the youngsters in which have only one objective, that is to make love with their girlfriends. One of the attempts they make to seduce their women actually turns on the virgin ghost and eventually it comes out and forces the men to have sex with it. A free advice: don't masturbate in dark rooms, otherwise, ready to be haunted.

Here shows up the element of body shaming, when the men are ready to fuck even a ghost if it looks hot. In my opinion, the director could have set the line in such a way that the protagonists are ready to fuck each other having they are in the disguise of a very hot woman if that is all they want in sex.

For a long time, Tamil movies have been stuck in a stereotype, where sexual desire is the only emotion owned by people of LGBT community as their clocks run only in the nights, finding a mate to make out. When we have movies like Onaayum Aattukuttiyum, Aruvi and En Magan Magizhvan that are being made to express the LGBT emotions, here we have IAMK, that is literally breaking that chain and bringing the industry back to the past, despite having tagged as a genre that is modernising Tamil cinema.

On such a track of the story, the cast of IAMK has a very less acting scope and everything falls on the content, the scope of which is entitled to discriminate women and LGBTs out there. Except for the role played by Shaa Raa, which has some hilarious moments to make us laugh, though failing the rest of the time, the roles played by Gautham Karthik, Vaibhavi, Yashika and Chandrika hardly have space to perform. In the midst of all these characters, the movie also has comedians like Motta Rajendran, Madhumitha, Balasaravanan and Karunakaran who are really like - why are they in the cast?

Santhosh has, well, figured out a way to make his target audience engaging throughout. But, as he said during the promotions that this genre is being tried like what is being done in the west. But, as an attempt, IAMK lacks sensibility. There are a few things that are enjoyable, though being negligible in a vast two hours of sleazy show. To list them - the reference to Bigg Boss,  lyrics of some songs and obviously, the censor certificate frame, the only part which is sensible in the entire runtime.

One thing Santhosh or any other filmmaker who, in near future, is gonna try making an adult comedy has to understand is that, in the west, a movie of this genre is enjoyed even by women. The screen of IAMK which had around 20 women often witnessed non-lexical chants like "aiyyayee, chi, karumam..." from them, which evidently proves that this is nothing different from a Sundar C or Shankar movie, just with an extra dosage of double meaning one-liners, masturbation, Viagara and above all gender humiliation.

All I can say for this west-inspired crew is that adult comedy flicks like Hangover trilogy, We are the Millers and Sex Drive have an independent storyline that is not influenced by the adultness of the script. But, in IAMK, when you remove the adult content, there is nothing left.

- Santhosh Mathevan,
Chennai, May 5, 2018.

This viewer's note is completely based on the perceptions of Santhosh Mathevan alone. This does not reflect the views of two or more people or a community. Queries and criticism shall be addressed to the writer only.