Friday, 6 April 2018

Let me teach you, Amish Tripathi

This was my reply post to fantasy-writer Amish Tripathi to a couple of columns he had penned in The Times of India in 2016. I wrote this a Facebook post at the time. This just popped up today on Facebook memory. Just wanted this to be an easily accessible write up in search engines, and so posting it here.

Hey Amish,

You are so fortunate and lucky as I am at an unreachable distance from you with respect to fame, and geography as well. You might be one of the best selling authors of modern era Chanda Mama kinda novel. But you think yourself to be a historian.

And, now you have started writing shit in center pages of leading newspapers from a few months back. You said AIT/AMT a fiction and said the people of Dravidian ethnicity did not have any literature to leave behind when the Aryan migration or invasion happened and you claim that it was the Aryans who had long and huge literature and Vedas during that time.

But, you were not complete and certain about several things in your article.

For an instance,

Throughout that article, you never mentioned the mother tongue of the so-called Dravidian people. I think you are still a little lad in history.

Let me teach you.

There was no race called Dravidian ever existed in history until Caldwell named them so. It was the Aryans who were from Central Asia and Eastern Europe who could not pronounce the word 'Tamil', misspelled and mispronounced the word as 'Thramilo' or 'Dhramilo' which turned to Dravida as days passed by. Refer Caldwell's lingual research documents. And do not ever try to disprove that the earliest race of this planet had no literature to leave behind.

In the recent article you penned, you have explained as follows

"The foundation of Hindustani and Carnatic music goes back many millennia, embedded as it is in the Sama Veda. The frameworks of the ragas, ancient in conception, are grounded in the precision and harmony of mathematics. However, great experimentation is allowed within this broad framework."

So you are again trying to cook up an Aryan fantasy. The term Carnatic itself refers to the Southern Part of Indian Sub Continent. Then how could it be related to Sama Veda copied from the early inscriptions and records of Tamils? In fact, all four Vedas have technical aspects copied from pre-existing literary works.

Aryans were not as intelligent as you think and that's why those men needed to build a bridge across ocean whereas the antagonist(protagonist for us though) had a technology to fly across the same ocean to abduct your woman. And, I am not the one to say this but your myth does.

I hope that I would, someday, reach you to teach all these, after giving a slam at your face. Until then let this remain to be my Facebook post.

- Santhosh Mathevan,
Trichy, April 6, 2016.