Monday, 30 April 2018

Avengers - Infinity War: This won't put a smile on your face

When there was a fight between Ironman and Thanos, it was more of with manliness. While, when it comes to Thor vs the mad Titan, it was a staunch godliness. The entire flick of Avengers - Infinity War was this manliness and godliness put together in an equal balance. A suggestion - watch this in the best possible screen, preferably an IMAX.

The 10th year of Marvel Studios, which is nicknamed as Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) among the masses was reserved for the showdown of the long-awaited end of the tales of Infinity Gems. An entire pack of superheroes(except for a few) come together down to smack the supervillain of the Universe, Thanos. This is the well-known storyline for all of us even before the movie was planned. So, let me stop there with that in terms of spoilers and detail on some aspects I enjoyed in this 149-minute experience.

One thing a Marvel fan or any other film freak on Earth enjoy about the MCU is the way each movie is connected to the other. Even a far relative Ant-Man had the references of Nazi's Hydra which had started to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D way before it's inception and also the connection between Ant-Man tech's mastermind Hank Pym, and Captain America(Steve Rogers)'s first girlfriend Agent Carter and Ironman(Tony Stark)'s dad Howard. The movie even led to a reference to the Avengers, when Scott as Ant-Man fights the Falcon, the aftereffects of which brought him to team up with Cap'n during the incidents of Civil War.

If we have these many Easter Eggs in just an Ant-Man movie, what would be its magnitude in Infinity War, that connects every other movie of the MCU? Well, here I call it an Easter Poultry than simply Egg. It would be evident for any MCU follower that IW will have all six stones shown one after the other. Though we haven't seen the Soul Stone in any of the 18 previous instalments of Universe, the way it is introduced in IW itself an Easter Egg - but, an emotional one. The place where it is hidden, it's protector, the procedure to acquire it, everything is an Easter Egg.

We would be well aware that Rocket Racoon had been characterised with the habit of stealing bizarre articles like batteries and eyeballs from elsewhere in the GOTG series. Do you know why? Just watch IW and find that out. In that row, Peter Dinklage's role and Groot's contribution to complete a specific job of that role is an added awestruck moment that just simply sweeps you off your feet.

Initially, MCU was believed to be an extended version of the comic series published Marvel. But, when it started to exist in a dimension with respect to the introduction of the Infinity Gems and the villains, MCU proved that it is a Universe by itself and is totally independent of Marvel's other formats like comics, animated series and TV series. While it is again iterated in IW. To begin with, let me brief on my observations in Thanos' character. In general terms, Thanos is always referred to as Mad-Titan. Howbeit, in Infinity War, his role is stronger mentally, making a balance with his physical one. With a lot of conviction than being blindfold, emotion than aggression and finally, strategic than being stupid, Thanos is more of a sensible Titan than a Mad Titan, in IW.

This sensibility is what that keeps the story moving in the right direction from scene one. Though we've seen him in shadow in previous instalments of the MCU, this time we get an in-depth elucidation of Thanos, who establishes that he really is the mightiest. Mighty than Thor and yes, of course, the Hulk. Just to brief how mighty is this Titan, the Hulk is being pushed to an extent in the movie, that leads even Bruce Banner to post an entreaty to the green monster, that he denies. It is all because, the mightier the villain, the manlier heroes are. This is what you experience in a kind of 'Do-You-Bleed?' moment that pops up in a fight happening in Thanos' home, Titan.

Meanwhile, IW apparently puts an end to the debate on who is the smartest of all those techies and scientists in the MCU - Tony vs Bruce vs Shuri. Still, we're not shown Hank Pym and Zola directly in this race, though the latter is no more.

With these many positives, I won't say IW is really flawless. We can see a couple of character assassinations too. The first one comes concerning the memory loss occurring during the transformation of Bruce to Hulk to Bruce. In his previous appearances, Bruce would have someone by to narrate the destructions he had caused being the Hulk, as he remembers nothing. The nearest example was seen in Thor-Ragnarok when Thor explains the Gladiator kinda fight between him and the Hulk to Bruce. But, in IW Bruce is able to explain well about Thanos and the Infinity Gems to heroes on Earth, which he encountered when he was in Hulk-form. Is that a negligible logical loophole?

Furthermore, as we've seen in the trailer, there is something going on between Vision and Wanda Maximoff. But, it is shown like he sleeps with her. Though not in a detailed fashion, how on Earth could that happen?

Thanos wants a balance to be put up in the Universe. So are the Russo brothers who wanted the movie to be equated with humour, action and emotion. Keeping action apart since it is never compromised in an MCU venture, the other two have worked out well. Lines like "I'm Steve Rogers", "He is not a dude, you're a dude. He's a man", "Why is Gamora?" and  "Have you not seen a spaceship before"(Stanlee special), are simply L-o-Lable.

On the other end, as the director duo promised, we see some of the close-to-heart heroes die. And so, this flick definitely won't put a smile on your face. Just to induce the emotional quotient of the MCU fans, the lines like "I don't wanna go", "Those tears are not for him" and that moment of Peter Quill with Thanos regarding the whereabouts of Gamora, Russo brothers have placed it all in the right place.

Just to end with a couple of semi-spoilers, I should say Avengers-3 is not just a movie but a forerunner for Avengers-4. When Doctor Strange, with the help of Time Stone, finds out 1,40,00,605 possible outcomes on the Avengers' path to take down Thanos, he was pretty sure that they could defeat the Titan in one of the outcomes. It was assumed in terms of two theories.

According to the first version, the heroes tried to execute that possible method but failed as the Starlord interrupts. So, even that outcome ended up a disappointment. So, they'll have to work on something new with someone new in the team. Just wait for the end credits to find that out.

While, the second theory is that, if this method is a failure, it apparently means that the Avengers still have not made up for that one successful outcome. And, this would be the plot for Avengers-4. But who knows about that one possible outcome? Obviously, it is... Sorry, no more spoilers.

- Santhosh Mathevan,
Chennai, April 30, 2018.

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