Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Ben's Corner #12: Welcome the new beast - TJJ's Exclusive

If you ask what is the most-waited-for motorcycle of the year, it is the TVS Apache RR 310 hands down. Showcased way back at the 2016 auto expo as the Akula concept, the bike is finally going to be a reality tomorrow, 6 December. There are many aspects which make the Apache unique from the rest.

To start with, the RR 310 is the first bike, made in India, to sport BMW's engineering expertise as the latter has become its technology partner. It also shares technologies with its sibling BMW G310R. Apache RR 310 is the first bike in India to get a reverse inclined 313 cc engine, a trait, again, carried over from the G310R. This was all we knew till now about the bike. But ahead of its launch tomorrow, its specifications have been leaked online by a person, reportedly a TVS employee.

As per his post on Facebook, the bike produces a maximum power of 34.2 bhp and maximum torque of 28 NM. It gets a lightweight trellis frame. The engine is liquid cooled with OWHE (oil-water heat exchanger). Kayaba shocks have been equipped at both front and rear wheel.

Coming to the digital instrumentation, there are 15 different options in the speedo. There is an integrated lap timer, top speed timer, notifier, live, average mileage, fuel range, temperature, gear shift and side stand indicators.

Other features of the bike include hazard lamps and a very accurate 72 point fuel indicator. Finally, Apache gets dual LED projectors with both the lights glowing irrespective of whether it is high or low beam.

When we recollect some of this bike's past appearances on road, the first thing that comes to our mind is its highway race with Bajaj Dominar 400. Yes, a Youtube vlogger under the title motostories tried to chase this Apache on test with his Dominar but failed to catch hold. The surprising part was the Apache's speed. If we had closely watched that video, the Dominar rider was doing an insane 160 Kmph but still he wasn't able to overtake the test bike.

Now, this video has been proved right as the new Apache's top speed, according to the TVS employee, is 165 kmph. Excited! That's not all, the RR 310 will crack 60 kmph from standstill in an ultra quick 2.63 seconds, he wrote. The bike will be offered in two colours namely red-blue and full black.

In the end, Bajaj Dominar and KTM 390 twins which were ruling the roost of the performance segment have finally got a competitor. It will be interesting to see how the Apache is going to perform against its competitors on the road. More than that, it will be interesting to see what plans do Bajaj and KTM have in response. The answers for all these questions will be unraveled in the coming days. The all new Apache is likely to command an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.8 lakh undercutting both the KTM 390 twins.

- S Ben Raja,
Chennai, Dec 5, 2017.

The above review/analysis is completely the perception of S Ben Raja alone. This does not reflect the views of two or more people or a community. Queries and criticism shall be addressed to the writer only. This author is correspondent for an English daily working on auto beat stories for over a year. Reach him at benraja4@gmail.com.

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