Monday, 9 October 2017

"Bro, we're all singles only" - A fun chat with team Nee Yaaruda Komali

What started as a fun time material now has more than 60,000 subscribers. Here is a young team of six from one of the sensational YouTube channels, named after the infamous counter to Vadivelu's Naai Sekar, 'Nee Yaaruda Komali (NYK)', with whom I recently encountered. With revolutionary videos like 'Ramzan Biriyaani', NYK has already set a signature in the YouTube world with a row of political and social satires.

Team NYK
I met the team at College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), where they all are pursuing Electronic Media from the legendary campus of Anna University, probably the only university of its kind on Earth, that produces more media persons than engineers.

The fun chat lasted for about an hour with the team that comprises of aspiring digital-media persons - actors Jainth, Bibian Nishanth (who as well is the editor), Dhinakaran, script writer Madhan, cinematographer Deepan and the director Bhoumik.

The first voice was Jainth, who briefed on how his team's idea evolved into a video initially. "During the jallikattu protests in the beginning of this year, we did a video with that concept. At that time, we did not have much views for that and our subscribers too were only in our friends and friends of friends circle. With that we paused our passion for sometime", he said.

With this initial taste of failure, the team stepped back a bit and started concentrating on their mainstream education for sometime until the announcements of their internship. "We knew that internships at any major media house would not workout as the scope of learning there is very less. We already have attended a lot internships during our UG course and have an ample experience on that. So, we planned to revisit our passion", said Jainth and winked. To my shock, I really did not know  that Anna University had the option of internship till I completed engineering, LoL.

So, what did the team of six do? Since they had their own Youtube Channel that was dormant for over five months was given life during May. "With the guidance of Temple Monkeys, another leading YouTube Tamil channel, we started to work on our own channel NYK and took it up as our Summer Internship of this year", Bibian elaborated.

Did that work? 'Yes', the team answered unanimously. "We had a plan of posting one video every  week and that too with a political or social satire flavour", Jainth said and further added that from the margin of 100 subscribers, NYK witnessed over 50,000 subscribers in just 45 days and now has crossed the barrier of 60,000.

When I asked what was their success factor? Bhoumik said, "The content and the delivery was the main thing. Though marketing is a prominent factor, content matters a lot. We focus more on how the content is delivered and how will it be taken and of course, with loads of humour quotient added to it".

With a non-linear narrative fashion, almost all videos of NYK are bound within the timeline of seven to 10 minutes. "With just a couple of minutes we have to keep our audience engaged throughout. For that the first 10 to 15 seconds make the first impression. If the first couple of seconds are humourous and interesting, then the video would not be skipped and we can capture our audience", revealed Jainth on their video making strategy.

But, how do they grab ideas for these satires? Jainth honestly admitted, "Memes bro. They are the haven of ideas for satires and trolls. They have an ocean of  ideas and it is up to us to draw the best out of the pack". Everything is fair in love, war and YouTube it seems. :P

So how these guys are managing their academic life, YouTube life and love life(if applicable :P)? "The immediate reaction was bro, only one among we six is committed. We're all singles only." And they started to corner that one committed guy of the gang for being a pity family man.

Getting back to the first two lives, the team turned pretty serious. "Now, it is a part time work for us since we are in college. And its not so easy to balance both college and NYK in the same time. Sometimes we have to stay at Bibian's house for weeks during post production of videos. So, only after completing college, we will be able to work on making this our career", said Bibian.

What next? Is Youtubing the end or the beginning? "We all have passion in various aspects of visual media and cinema. Say I'm interested in direction. So, I find this as a space to learn and enhance myself as a filmmaker", said Dinakaran. At the same time, Youtube itself has turned out to be a field under under visual and mass media the team boasted.

On the technical aspects, the cinematographer Deepan explained on how their team evolved in terms of their skill-sets."Initially we found it difficult in terms of editing and cinematography. With our available equipment, we have to work on all terrains. There are some episodes where we have to shoot in some insane locations and so it will be difficult yet a great learning space".

While, Bibian further added that they have been learning a lot in all these days having crossed over 15 videos in a span of nine months and now technically they are far better comparing to the point from where they began.

- Santhosh Mathevan,
Chennai, October 9, 2017.

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