Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Whether your weather, man-made?

It's not natural as we think, but an international conspiracy that is being run by the US government. There is a hypothesis that the failure of monsoon and the severe drought occurred in Tamil Nadu in 2016-17 is a man made one. All I say is one acronym, HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), a technology developed by the USA for modifying the weather artificially. It is said that one of the stations of HAARP is located in mountain range adjacent to Tirupati that caused the drought in Tamil Nadu.

It was in 2010, first time, a conspiracy theory behind HAARP was brought into spotlight by a documentary telecast in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). According to the documentary, 'It isn’t just conspiracy theorists who are concerned about HAARP. The European Union called the project a global concern and passed a resolution calling for more information on its health and environmental risks. Despite those concerns, officials at HAARP insist the project is nothing more sinister than a radio science research facility.'

A view of a HAARP Station. Source: Internet

Following this, the world started to raise opposition voice against the HAARP technology as it was found that the US government had set up a lot of HAARP stations across the globe. With these stations, the weather is modified over a certain area radially with the station as its centre. The first proof, the conspiracy theorists bring up is the acknowledgement given for HAARP in its official website.

In the website of Alaskan University, which is the operating agency of the HAARP, it is said that, with this technology, experiments are conducted which use electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed energy beams in order to 'temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere'.

Usually, a HAARP station looks like a large matrix of metal beams and antennae arranged in a criss-cross manner. This setup  directs a 3.6 MW signal, in the 2.8–10 MHz region of the HF (high-frequency) band, into the ionosphere. The signal may be pulsed or continuous. Effects of the transmission and any recovery period can be examined using associated instrumentation, including VHF and UHF radars, HF receivers, and optical cameras.

According to the developers of HAARP,  this process is used to advance the study of basic natural processes that occur in the ionosphere under the natural but much stronger influence of solar interaction. HAARP also enables studies to be done into how the natural ionosphere affects radio signals.

In India, scientists have carried out pioneering research work based on the HAARP technology. This is called the National MST Radar Facility which is located in Gadanki, near Tirupati, in southern Andra Pradesh. This facility is a state of the art instrument capable of providing estimates of atmospheric parameters with very high resolution on a continuous basis which are essential in the study of different dynamical processes in the atmosphere.

National MST Radar facility, Gadanki, Tirupati, Google Earth view

According to the scientists working in MST Radar, it is an important research tool in the investigation of prevailing winds, waves ( including gravity waves) turbulence, and atmospheric stability & other mesoscale phenomena. A reliable three dimensional model of the atmosphere over the low latitudes improves our understanding of the climatic and weather variations.

But, there is similar theory from that the Indian MST Radar is a highly sensitive VHF phased array radar operating at 53 MHz with a peak power aperture. According to them, the phased array consists of 1024 crossed three-element Yagi antennas occupying an area of 130m x 130m. It generates a radiation pattern with a main beam of 3 deg , gain of 36 dB and a side lobe level of -20 dB. It is said that like the HAARP, this too would manipulate weather.

The theory here is that the failure of monsoon last year in Tamil Nadu is due to the manipulation of ions in the ionosphere that led to a no rain region. 'The HAARP technology was developed for inducing rain clouds in deserted regions of the US like Alaska. Now, they are using the same technology in third world countries to resist rain according to conspiracy theorists.

On a similar note, the evidences for manipulation of weather is also available in Tamil Sangam literature. According the 212th song of Agathurai written by Paranar which starts like 'Kuttuvan porumuran peraa(a)thu' says about the ability of a Kuttuvan, a ruler who was able to control the movements of oceanic currents which causes rain. The king had did this for creating a natural constraint for his enemies to enter into the mainland. Later the same technology was also adopted by a Pandian ruler, who was nick-named as Vadivambala Nindra Pandian, means, 'Person who manipulated ocean currents'.

When I contacted the Director of ACWC, Regional Meteorological department, S Balachandran, he said, 'Weather manipulation is large field. Already mankind has achieved many milestones in modifying weather conditions artificially'. He said that, weather manipulation like dispersal of fog for airplane landing and takeoff  and creating artificial rains are persisting for a long time. 'But, this technology is so new and we could get a clear picture only from the HAARP developers', he added.

When tried to contact MST Radar Facility officials, the attempts went futile.

So, all I can say is that everything that is going around us need not be just natural. May be, its a man made conspiracy, may be it's their vendetta.

- Santhosh Mathevan,
Chennai, August 15, 2017

Facts and theories for making this article were harvested from various sources across the internet. There are some better bloggers, who are dedicated in writing about HAARP alone. This is just an understudy and collation of certain facts. Refer the internet to know more about the conspiracy theories on HAARP.

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