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Dont' stop here: Plus two or SSLC - It's not the end

In this season of Plus two and SSLC board examination results, there could be some unexpected incidents that occur due to extreme decisions taken by students who score marks lesser than their expectations.

Following this, I have decided to bring some facts into limelight through this article. The State government has been taking up a number of steps to prevent these extreme attempts and motivate them. This article would be a small package of all that put together. Hope this would be useful.

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In the view of preventing students who take up extreme decisions, various public sector entities across the state have been instituting precaution measures to motivate and counsel the candidates who score low marks.

Every year, it has become a very default scenario in the recent times during the week of plus two and SSLC board exam results, people have been witnessing in news about a lot of extreme attempts taken by students who assumed themselves to have failed in life. But, that is not going to be the end.

Even officials from the 104 help line centre claim the same and are working on it. A top official from, GVK EMRI, 104 Health Advice Helpline Services, a public sector social responsibility entity run by the state government, expressed this to me recently in a motivating tone. "Results of SSLC and Plus Two board examinations are never going to be the only deciding factor of ones life. There are a lot of opportunities and ways to succeed in life. Students have to accept whatever they they acquire in the examination", he said.

He further elaborated on the arrangements that have been made this year by the 104 officials to address the queries of the callers. "We have geared up with all sorts of required preparations to meet the callers on the day and the next few days of the results of SSLC and plus two board examinations", he said and further added that a team of psychologists who have volunteered to counsel the callers led by three experienced psychologists are ready for the day.

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This has been done by the helpline center for the past couple of years. "Last year we helped in redressing the queries of about 25,000 students, parents and teachers during the result week and there were about 10,000 calls on a single day which was the maximum extent we redressed", the official said.

When I queried about the expected calls this year, he said, "This year there are still more constraints like mandating the NEET exam for taking up medical courses and so, the number of calls would go up the graph".

Adding to that, as a precaution measure, this year the 104 officials have also made these counselling programmes in three phasory method. The first phase was during the pre examination period during which they have given some health tips for stress reduction for students like proper sleep hours, food habits and preparation timing.

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"In the next phase, we helped students by counselling them during the time of examination, where we asked the students to forget the exams where they showed a dimmed performance and to concentrate on upcoming papers. While this is the third phase, where we are going to support them face the results", they explained.

Above all, the officials said that it is the support of the parents which is the most important factor that would help them to come out of stress and fear. Parents should stand by their child and pat on their shoulders to motivate them which would be their immediate need.

On the other hand, the School Education Department took up preventive measures in the pre-exam phase say officials. Sources from the School Education Department said that they have sent circulars to all school headmasters across the state to engage students in counselling sessions and thus to prevent them from taking up any extreme decisions.

Preventive Measures To Be Taken Up  By Parents And Teachers
(Source: Athma Nambikkai Maiyam, Trichy)

  • Parents should show an unconditional support to their children at any kind of situation they face.
  • They should consider poor results as an opportunity they have gained to explore the other abilities and skills of their child.
  • They have to use positive words always and should always talk in tone of kindness.
  • They should not force the child live for third party satisfaction and should always preach them that their life is what they live but not that is expected by others.
  • Teachers should be acting as the third side of a triangle connecting students and parents so that they could motivate parents to help children at bad times.


So, from my side, all I want to say is that, this is going to be an individual's life. Everything that is happening should be centered by that individual alone. All those who query about the results today won't stay forever. They are going to care not for more than a moment about the result. So, it is up to the individual either to take a concern over third party comments or to ignore them and proceed with life forward. All the best!!!

- Santhosh Mathevan
Chennai, May 12, 2017

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