Thursday, 19 May 2016

Alternate Force In Tamil Nadu - An Overview:

Its a good sign that the PMK has fetched around 5.3% of votes this time and also gave tough fight to some of the winning candidates in constituencies falling in their dominant belt. The party which was quoted as 'Caste based' in rest of Tamil Nadu, has made some attempts to come out of the communal shade and has also witnessed a peck of success from that.

On the other hand, the Naam Tamilar Party that has fetched about 1.1% of vote bank comprising of 4.5 lakh votes from across the state has shown a good sign for a party in its first appearance. It is also a fact that NTK has more vote bank comparing to the individual vote banks of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal, MDMK, Tamil Maaniala Congress and both Communist Parties. However, none of these parties contested in all 234 constituencies this time.
But, the pity fact is that with this 1.1% of vote bank, NTK could not retain the symbol as at least 3% of votes is needed for that. Similarly, the party has still more drawbacks. Firstly, the party has scored less number of votes when compared to votes polled for NOTA (which even includes the lack in awareness among people about NOTA's inability in making a change). Next to that, even the party's Chief Convener Seeman himself failed to give a fight in his own constituency and could only finish in fifth position. This might be due to the very less time span he spent in Cuddalore for campaigning as he was also in a tight schedule of canvassing through the state to establish his party.
When we roll down the history of the state, when DMK emerged out as an alternative force for the first time in 1957, it could not acquire a high vote bank. It took about 10 years from its first appearance in the election to come to power by winning the assembly polls. In those times, the number of parties contesting was not this much high. Similarly, the ideologies took forward by the DMK in its initial stages were hitting the right chord and touching the emotional quotient of the people.
But, in the current trend where the number of parties are high, the NTK which has even stronger ideologies than that of DMK's initial stage's should take some more time to establish themselves. This time they have sowed the seeds for the change and will have to work more to harvest a good result next time.
In general, both PMK and NTK who have the best of election manifestos, a large team of graduate-youth cadres and strong mode of communication have to go down to earth and should field their cadets in all sorts of agitations where people could easily find them fighting for rights.
In a state where people longing for an alternate force but could not find one, it is very necessary for the emerging ones to establish themselves by moving from the blind spot region into their sight.

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