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Reader's Review #1 : On Aryans vs Tamils

I received a review from a reader to my series of articles on Deepavali and its history in the name 'Is Deepavali a festival of Tamils'.

It is now presented to you along with my answers as many others too would have got the same queries I believe.

Reader's review:

Its an interesting post. It left me in awe at some points, kinda confused at some others.
             It makes sense on how sense got out of the culture. Lots of questions which I had, have been answered well. Especially the relation with astronomical cycles and the celebrations' intentions are fascinating.
             But, I don't understand some things, especially 'Aryans are all bad' concept. I can't accept it as a fact; indeed I have no evidence to prove that, I've done no research, unlike you; Still, it doesn't sound right to me.
             If they came as a pack and planned things together and conquered the space in a short period of time, then its logical. However, it seemed to have taken a long period of time. Hence, were they having a secret meeting of some kind and kept their pack and its successors together all the time? ( If so, they how come the others didn't sniff out for a long time? afterall Tamils are intellectual beings right, as you say.)
             If not,  then its most like that only 'some' of the Aryans were teaming up and planning things, while others may not even be aware of it, like all the others. Its hard to believe that all of them are 'wicked' as you say, may be they were before entering, but if Tamils were so kind and welcoming as you say, then I think alteast some of them must have softened out, they might've come to like Tamils' behaviour (though its different from their's) and stay with them instead of conquering them.
             To be honest and blunt, weren't all the people when born, was kind and pure hearted? Isn't the later experience, be it influence of family/ society molds the view, labeling things as 'good' and 'bad' ? Still not everyone goes along with it forever, their views change, so do their belief systems and behavior  Hence, even if the 1st generation of Aryans who entered were all wicked, then atleast on the successive generation their core might've changed, atlest a little, atleast with the influence of the new environment they are in.
          So, not all Aryans are responsible for the mess we are in, I believe. Though its hard to point out 'who' are all responsible. Still when all of them are labeled as 'bad' , its like how a teacher would order the whole class to stand for an hour, for the mischief/rude comments of some students,  just because he/she can't point out. Its unfair for those who listened to him/her and did not deserve the punishment.
          However our so called rulers, the kings, weren't they smart? Tamils are smart it says universally, but was it people other than the kings? If they were wise, why would they disrespect women's equal part in  the society? Why were they not allowed to rule alone, while a man can? Why was it that a princess had to marry a prince to rule the kingdom, with the prince? what if she doesn't want to get married, but help the people? Why would the kings go as low as to have women for pleasure and let them be called 'Workers of God' (i.e. 'Devar Adiyarkal' as you say).
                 "The alienist nature of Sanskrit was so supportive for the canvas of Aryans among the Tamils to make them believe that Sanskrit is language of gods(Deva Basha)" - you say, but the ones who were brainwashed first was the kings right? They were the ones who let them in, because of lack of wisdom and maturity (or  lack of 'intellect' as you say)  was seen among the kings, I believe.  Honestly I think the best ones of the Tamils weren't the ones who ruled. Many of the rulers weren't deserve to be one, I believe.
  Hence I conclude, that I agree some things, and I don't agree some others of this post.However, it was interesting though. Thanks for sharing.​ "

My answers:

Thanks for your response first of all. And I'm responsible for my words and its my duty to reply to your queries.

Firstly, you should understand a concept. More than calling Aryans as a community or a race, we should consider 'Aryanism' as an attitude. I tried to express this phenomena throughout the series. And I never said all Aryans are crooked and wicked as we have live examples like Bharathiyar, Nammazhvar, Thozhar K Venkatraman and many others who have completely kicked out their Aryanism attitude.

Aryanism attitude is the problem not the Aryans. But, most of the Aryans have this attitude and so subsequently they are called crooked and wicked. And this attitude is in their gene and it can never be eradicated as per Genetic science.

They need not organise secret meetings to conquer. And moreover their intention is not to conquer. All they needed was a place to survive and for that they adopted Tamils' culture and they even modified the cultural identities of Tamils wherever possible.

During this time, they were facing certain hurdles in the form of Kings. So, to control this they used their women in the form of prostitutes. As they were gypsies they didn't have a culture or customs and so prostitution was not a major issue for them to do. Basically they were from Central Europe and Central Asia and so technically their women were so Whitier than Tamil women, and its a basic human nature to get attracted in such encounters. Those days, polygamy and polyandry were not culturally crimes as we say now. In fact, Aryans were the ones who imposed anti-polygamy and anti-polyandry concepts later.

Here, you have raised complaints against Tamil Kings on Devar Adiyar recruitment. I agree with your view, but it seems to be very plain and blunt. However, that's not your fault as our education system didn't teach us to read between the lines. So let me explain it.

Actually, Tamil Kings are to be praised for such recruitment. For a long time, these women who were involved in prostitution by the Aryans were degraded in terms of culture. So, it was during the Early Chola period, these women were appointed by the kings to take care of the maintenance works of temples. Even, such a custom is not followed in present days as women are kept away from temples and Gods during their menstrual period. And this custom of restricting women from worshiping in temples during that period too was imposed by Aryans to get them back to prostitution business. So, its up to you to decide who actually was the antagonist of the story.

And coming to the point where you expressed a bit of feminism. You never can blame Tamil community for being ill treating women. It was the Tamil community which basically was the pioneer to the entire world in worshiping women both as a God and a ruler.

Please, try to read about Kundhavai Nachiyar(she was the sister of Raja Raja Cholan who actually ruled the country whereas Raja Rajan lived his entire life at battlefields), Velu Nachiyar  Meenatchi(A Pandian queen, however now worshipped a God).

Hope I've answered to all your queries.

Thanks once again for your such a long response and such responses makes my articles to be complete ones. So, please encourage me in my further posts too.

-Santhosh Mathevan
Tiruchy, December 16, 2015

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