Thursday, 26 November 2015

Secularism vs Non Secularism

How can just a group of voted representatives could say citizen to move out of a democratic country. Every single individual of the country is its owner as per the concept of democracy and no one has an ownership over others.

The next case is where India is compared to Pakistan in terms of the intolerance. People say that the number of Hindus in the neighboring nation has majorly reduced when compared to that of the number of Muslims in India which has raised exponentially. See, India is a secular republic, wherein Pakistan is an Islamic republic. There is no surprise in the drop in number of Hindus there with respect to its constitution.

People speaking about the status in Pakistan should look into the nature of Nepal's and Sri Lanka's constitutions. Both nations have laws based on the customs of a particular religion. And that too was a reason for the internal war in Lanka.

Any individual in this country is allowed to follow any religion of his interest irrespective of his birth as per our laws. The state existing actually is intolerance, may be not as intense as expressed by the opposition sides but, the country has started smelling the initial aroma of intolerance.

We have been following secularism since 1947 at least by words even if not in action. So, raising aggressive phrases against the ones expressing their views with respect to religion, customs, culture and all other features of the country is literally unconstitutional.

Santhosh Mathevan,
Tiruchy, November 26, 2015

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