Thursday, 26 November 2015

Secularism vs Non Secularism

How can just a group of voted representatives could say citizen to move out of a democratic country. Every single individual of the country is its owner as per the concept of democracy and no one has an ownership over others.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Is Deepavali a festival of Tamils?


Hi all, after a long time I'm writing a post here in my blog and that too in English. This a series I posted in my Facebook timeline for nine consecutive days from November 1 to 9 of 2015 (started 10 days before Deepavali and wrote till its eve). I've compiled all nine chapters put together to present it for the convenience of the readers.

This series ultimately focuses on how Deepavali came into existence as a result of conspiracy of the Aryans with some pecks of history  all through the nine chapters. This indeed is a series in which I've consolidated many facts I've read about Tamils, Aryans and Hinduism & its evolution.

The counter ideas and comments on this series can be written to me either personally or in public or even by both means.